Family Business Forum with Eaton Smith Solicitors

I am delighted to be working with Eaton Smith Solicitors to bring together local family businesses to meet quarterly and develop a greater understanding of the opportunities and challenges that running a business together as a family can bring. We work with some fantastic, successful businesses run by successive generations and we want to introduce people to their peers in similar situations who have a genuine interest and empathy with others, whether they are the generation looking to exit the business at some point or the next generation looking to take the business forward into the future. We look forward to welcoming our clients and guests to share new knowledge on the special dynamics in a family business; using the family angle in branding and marketing, governance and share ownership, dispute resolution and developing the next generation of leaders.

NEXT MEETING: Weds 13th February 2019 at 5pm

TOPIC: How and why family businesses increase sales through better brands with The Engine Room, a brand agency with a focus on differentiation and return on investment.

 -          the importance of values and purpose in a family business

-          the importance of communicating values and purpose, both internally and externally

-          telling your stories with pride and authenticity

-          how a purposeful brand can strengthen your market position

For a chat about how your business might benefit please call 077 027 96020 or email

Manufacturers Alliance

Manufacturers Alliance

Excited to be part of the Manufacturers Alliance launching in West Yorkshire to support local manufacturing leaders. Currently running 'taster sessions' which include a factory visit, a workshop with a specialist on a relevant topic and the chance to experience the very powerful problem-solving technique known as 'action learning' with a group of other successful business leaders.  For more information give me a call on 077 027 96020 or use the contact form. 

Huddersfield Best Practice Forum : How can social media help MY business

Social media is very much in focus and prevalent in society but how can it actually benefit a business? What can it be used for and how well does it work for typical local businesses who are not B2C?

We will be discussing the benefits it can bring to different aspects of running a successful business and the opportunities it can create. 

There is always positive feedback from those who attend and it’s a great opportunity to meet other successful local business leaders and discuss common issues. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining this group.