I am a big believer in peer-to-peer support.

I have always been aware that I could bring the theory to workshops but delegates drew so much from meeting with other local business people that I decided to set up and facilitate various groups which are now well-established and valued by members


Huddersfield Best Practice Forum

Founded in February 2009 when I identified a need for local business leaders to meet their peers and discuss topics of interest sharing experience and knowledge, the group is still going strong and meets quarterly.  This expanding group of leaders of local significantly-sized businesses know and appreciate the value of sharing experience and knowledge in a relaxed, facilitated discussion on a given topic mixing with like-minded individuals to gain new insights into their own and others’ businesses and challenges. Meetings are held after work quarterly in Holmfirth and are by personal invitation only to ensure a good balance of individuals and businesses. 

Action Learning Groups

Another 2 groups of successful local business leaders who meet every couple of months after work to discuss whatever is on their mind where they would appreciate input from their peers. Topics vary according to what the group choose to discuss and urgency.  There is always new learning for every member to take away. 

Women in Leadership –

Founded in Spring 2013 this group of dynamic business leaders enjoy meeting together for workshops on specific topics and ‘Learning Lunches’ which are similar to action learning groups.

Renew You –

A one day personal development workshop for women who may be at a crossroads in life or career who wish to spend a day reflecting on previous experience and planning their future in a supportive atmosphere with other women in a similar position who can offer encouragement and boost confidence.


In conjunction with Eaton Smith Solicitors a new peer-to-peer group specifically for people in family businesses who would like to meet others in similar situations whether they are the ones thinking of exiting the business at some stage in the future and thinking about planning or the next generation preparing to take up the reins.

Throughout our business relationship I have found her knowledgeable, thorough, honest and reliable, adding real value to the business.
— Chris Hunter