Testimonial for team development

At a platform for the next stage of growth and having doubled our staff numbers in the space of 18 months, The Engine Room recognised an opportunity to review our approach to working as teams, particularly in relation to a number of key projects that formed part of our wider strategic objectives.  This comprised a number of strands, including reviewing our roles, our profiles and understanding our individual contributions to the wider business strategy. We knew the job to be done, but we recognised the value of introducing a third party to independently facilitate our sessions and retain an objective focus on the task in hand.

Having worked with Philippa in the past, we knew she would bring a conscientious, respectful and capable independence to this facilitation.  She ran two very successful sessions and on the back of these sessions, we have made real progress, and continue to work on some of the key change projects that fell out of the process.  

Lesley Gulliver. Managing Director The Engine Room.